Introducing Quick Quote from Big Lemon

The countdown is over, welcome to Quick Quote from Big Lemon

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Owen Richards

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The countdown is over

You’ve got an exciting new tech project on the cards, it may need investment, you’re not sure of the features, but you want to know how long it will take to produce, what it will involve and how much it will cost - welcome to Quick Quote from Big Lemon.

It’s been an exciting few months for us, we’ve been helping some great clients achieve great results with their requests and projects, we’ve now turned attention to our own ideas and business processes. looking at what we can do to help our clients, the result is Quick Quote.

No more waiting around for proposals

Quick quote is a simple tool that allows you to receive an outline proposal, costing and timescale for your tech project. Available 24hrs a day, it’s the ideal tool for those putting together proposals, testing an idea or looking to get a grasp on what’s involved getting their idea off the ground. No more waiting around for proposals.

Even better, this sits alongside our project tracker tool, making it easier for our clients to see project status as we progress.

We’re excited to have this live, and keen to get feedback so we can make it even better. If you’ve got a tech idea on the cards, why not give it a go? Drop us your feedback, we’d love to hear what you think.