Time Really Does Fly by…

9 Years of Big Lemon

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Written by
Sam Wheeler

Director | Co-Owner | Admiral of Ops

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9 years

We approach every year thinking it won’t be a whirlwind like the last…

and we are always surprised when it turns out to be a whirlwind.

Who Big Lemon is today is the strongest we have ever been. A bold statement indeed. That does not mean that we have it all sorted and figured out.

Far from it.

This last year in particular, has been a stand-out year, one that has challenged us more than most.

We are beyond proud to have achieved so much, all the big and the small things.

The saying goes, everyone has a book inside them, and for now that is where ours will remain.

Bring on the madness, the magic, the heart-fulfilling whirlwinds.