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Pizza and beer for all

website redesign and development | brand re-align

Beerd needed a website that could capture the essence of its bustling restaurant, where they serve the best pizza and beer combos in all of Bristol.

We wanted to show off their lively and vibrant atmosphere online, and put the effort that Beerd pour into their ales front and centre.

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Customer journey

Working with a strong existing brand, we filled the site with Beerd’s personality; bright colours, delicious pizzas and the thirst quenching beers of the day were top of the bill.

The contrasting colours on the website take Beerd’s customers on a journey from the web to their bars, where their quirky brand is splattered all over the walls – literally.

As well as shouting about their brand values, the site needed to have a great user experience. We visited the bar to chat to staff and do some research.

On tap

At the top of their list was... a list. Beerd’s list of ales is constantly changing and punters are never sure what they’re going to get.

Beerd wanted a page that could showcase all of the beers currently on tap clearly, so punters could see what was available before heading out. Not only can you see all the beautiful pump clips at the touch of a button, but an intuitive search function also means finding your favourite beer is easy.

This was a real collaboration where we could inject Beerd's personality into their creativity. We were impressed with how easily they took on the brief and made something bold to match Beerd's atmosphere. The project ran extremely smoothly from start to finish and we’re very excited to tell everyone about our new site. Nice one, guys!
Karin Ashwell