BizFit Studio

Business development for the masses

branding | web app design & development

Who knew business planning could be fun?

Business consultancy Pro-Sight wanted an innovative way to reach and help more businesses. BizFit Studio was the solution, an online portal where businesses can access tools to improve their process management, team organisation and strategic planning.

The last thing we wanted people to think of when they saw BizFit Studio was business processes – they aren’t exactly engaging – so we got thinking...


As a new business, BizFit Studio needed a brand to create a foundation for the rest of development.

We worked with co-founders Matt and Sean to develop brand guidelines and create a brand identity that aligned with their vision for the business.

Want to build a web platform to expand your business' reach?


The project was on a short deadline so we built the portal on a Wordpress foundation to ensure quick functionality. A large part of the BizFit portal included online courses, so we used the CoursePress Pro plugin to ensure they would work perfectly.

User needs

A major part of the portal was offering different users varying features depending on their needs, so we made sure that the platform was flexible enough to manage users with different levels of access. The pricing of the platform differed based on this, so it was essential that we got it right.

BizFit was our first web portal project and we got a real buzz from building it. Our skills were put to the test, but isn’t that when the best work happens?

“Big Lemon were not only a pleasure to work with, but they translated our ideas into a product that our customers love to use and that was scalable and robust enough to handle anything we throw at it.”

Matt Waples, co-founder of BizFit Studio