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Jade Fisher

Heartfelt sentiments for all occasions.

ecommerce website design and development

Jade Fisher website displayd on an iMac.
Greeting cards & paper goods with a desire to spread a little joy.

Jade Fisher offers hand painted, playful and distinctive illustrations which are printed on recycled card, and sold as greeting cards, prints, and a variety of paper goods. Jade has a self proclaimed love of American folk art - she developed her unique style from memories of Californian road trips and takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Wales. Now based just north of Cardiff, Jade takes inspiration from daily life and creates illustrations for all occasions.

Jade Fisher needed a new eCommerce website that reflected their nature-inspired style to sell their collection of eco-friendly paper products.

A balance of playful design and functionality

Jade’s artistic style lends itself to a playful aesthetic, which was important to capture in the design of the website. At the same time it was important to make the buying process for users a breeze. The subtle use of illustrations and background patterns, coupled with some clever web effects gave the website the look and feel Jade Fisher wanted. Combined with a simple purchasing user experience, this results in a playful but functional design.

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Personal, trade or guest checkout?

Jade’s cards are stocked all over the world, from New York to Tokyo. Before the new website build, all wholesale orders were being managed manually by Jade and her team. An important feature in the redesign was to include the ability for stockists to order as wholesalers through their own section on the site.

Along with a customer dashboard, we built a custom wholesale section, making it not only easier for Jade’s team to keep updated on bulk orders, but convenient for stockists to manage their orders and stock from the website.

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The website was designed taking inspiration from Jade’s illustrations, reflecting her style, values and offering, regardless of screen size.
The perfect website people. They seemed to know instinctively what we needed with the design of the website, and offered a heap of help and knowledge to make our digital dealings more effective and efficient. We began as clients, we finished as family.
Jade Fisher