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We were approached by the Student opportunities department at the University of South Wales Trinity St. David.

UWTSD needed to build an app that teaches the principles of Life Design to other educators, so they can go on to teach their students the unique principles and processes of the module.

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What is Life Design?

Life Design is a new approach to student futures that uses applied design thinking to support students in identifying their individual values and dreams. This raises their confidence and aspirations, helps articulate their skills and achievements, and promote the opportunities available to them. It provides safe environments for students to feel empowered to actively consider their future and make informed decisions.

Life Design is split into a four step programme that is accessible to all UWTSD students. The programs consist of workshops, events, and online and offline resources, all designed to help students make the most out of the university experience and prepare them for life beyond education.

Life Design logo
What is the Life Design Hub?

The Life Design Hub was built to assist the delivery of the unique Life Design programme to other institutions. The hub is built with all of the elements needed to successfully deliver and share the distinctive teaching process to other educators.

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The Life Design ethos.

We began with some fly on the wall research by sitting in on a few of the workshops to gain an understanding of how the course was structured. This would have an effect on not only how the app would function, but the overall user experience design.

It was important that the app correctly informed it’s users on the ethos and values of the Life Design programme, so we designed a large section dedicated to the theory.

Gamifying the learning experience

There are multiple workshops that make up the whole programme and each workshop consists of multiple exercises. It was important that all users fully understood the workshop they planned on teaching, so we implemented a gamification system. To download the course materials the user must first understand each exercise, only once they understand the value, reasoning and deliverables of each exercise can a user download a workshop.

Knowledge, Resources, Ethos.

Working on the Life Design Hub has been amazing, we really enjoyed the challenge of taking the varied teaching material from the Life Design programme and making it accessible to all educators.

Now the Hub has been live for a while, it’s given us the opportunity to find the pain points for users and refine the design on a monthly basis.

Empowering students to take control of their future is a very important cause for any institute, and to build, and continue supporting, a tool that can helps that cause is a pleasure for us.

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I found Big Lemon to be highly efficient and transparent throughout the development process, with regular updates and opportunities to chat about the progress of the project. The end result is fantastic and I would definitely recommend their services to anybody looking for web and branding design.
Dr. Lewis Pearson
Life Design Development Officer, UWTSD