Limitless Trampoline Parks

Introducing a bit of bounce

brand development | brand identity design | website redesign and development

Creating a new brand from scratch is one of our favourite jobs, so when Swansea-based Limitless asked us to create a brand and website for their new trampoline park we jumped at the chance.

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Branding with bounce

Founders Leigh and Matt came to us just eight weeks before the park was due to open, so they needed a brand and website lickety-split. Not only did the brand we create inform how the park looked, we also worked with them to develop a feel for the whole business. An independent, family-run firm, Limitless works closely with schools and charities to help children get active.

We needed to create a brand that would be fun and engaging for children and their parents, while showing off the company’s exciting state-of-the-art trampoline park in the middle of Swansea.

Brand development

Using our Brand Generation Tool we worked with Limitless to get a feel for their values and what they wanted their business to encapsulate as it grew. While Matt and Leigh were starting with a park in Swasnea, they had plans for immediate growth across south Wales.

Every brand begins with a name, and we worked with Limitless to come up with a name that encapsulated everything about their brand; limitless fun, exercise and adrenaline.

We took inspiration from space travel, optical illusions and surrealist painters before settling on a logo inspired by the Mobius strip.

Web design

The website build coincided with the park design so we took inspiration from the venue itself and used lots of dark colours with pops of neon purple and green, to take customers on a journey.

Since working with Limitless they’ve taken £1m in investment, increased their locations and have welcomed 150k visitors to their website. We work with the team on an ongoing basis to expand their site and ensure that it works for them as they grow.