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In March 2018, Scottish Parliament launched the Scottish lobbying act.

The act is designed to improve transparency of lobbying contact between organisations and ministers, MSP's and special advisors. The act was welcomed as a benefit by a lot of the political landscape in Scotland.

There was just one drawback; logging and submitting lobby conversations was, well...tricky.

Enter the Lobby Contact app by Newsdirect.

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As part of the new lobbying legislation, the Scottish Parliament created an online Lobbying Register. Lobbyists must file a return of all applicable conversations on the register every six months.

Newsdirect, a Scottish political monitoring company knew that keeping track of every conversation topic, location and date with every MSP within a 6 month window is no easy task. Especially for someone who's job is to talk to politicians daily.

As we'd worked with Newsdirect Wales (the Welsh sister company) on other digital projects, we were commissioned to build the Lobby Contact App.

An app to make the new laws easy to work with.

Log. Export. Upload

The lobby contact app allows on-the-go lobbyists to create, assign and log face-to-face conversations instantly and easily. The app includes a full list of all Scottish Lobby Contacts so assigning a conversation is convenient.

The users can then export all of the conversation details in a spreadsheet to file a return on the Lobbying Register before the deadline.

The Lobby Contact app was been downloaded by over 100 influential lobbyists in the first few months, and has become the go-to app for tracking conversations with politicians.