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A sense of community pride

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What do you think of when you think of Merthyr Tydfil?

If it’s the iconic Cyfartha Castle or the Red House, then you have Merthyr Leisure Trust to thank.

The Trust is responsible for running and maintaining most of Merthyr's most iconic sites, plus the town’s libraries and leisure centres.

Merthyr Trust’s brand didn’t reflect the nature of what they do, or the impact they have on the local community. They asked us to help them as they pivoted into new areas and expanded their remit.


We worked with the Trust to design a brand that would reflect its growing work in the area and the countless ways they work to support Merthyr.

This meant going into locations across the trust’s sites and speaking to staff members and conducting surveys about their feelings about the trust and its values

It was important to gauge not only how management felt about the trust, but to get a sense of what the trust's values were from all staff.

Talking to everyone who had a relationship with the trust gave us knowledge we need to develop the brand position and bring the trust’s values front and centre.

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It quickly became apparent that there was one common value across all of the trust's sites - community.

Workshops with staff helped us come up with a new name for the trust that encapsulated what they do and offered room to expand; The Tydfil Trust.

We created a round logo with dynamic typography to get across the trust’s circular approach and organisation, as well as their fluidity.

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Working on a project with so much history and heritage was a challenge, but it gave us the chance to experiment with our branding process. Speaking to staff gave us real insight into how the trust was viewed at a ground level and since then we’ve built this step into our branding process. It also helped us to develop our Big Brand Tool, the first step in making amazing brands.