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Everyone needs a side-hustle

When we started Big Lemon, we struggled to find information and support. It wasn't until we joined Welsh ICE in Caerphilly that we realized just how much help we needed to grow and learn. But what happens to the founders who never find their network? We took our thoughts to ex-Welsh ICE CEO (now Town Square CEO) Gareth Jones, who had been busy building a spookily similar idea. We joined forces, and Startup Club was born.

The concept

Startup Club combines learning workshops and content with an online community of supportive business owners to create the atmosphere we found so beneficial at Welsh Ice. The company of like-minded entrepreneurs is invaluable, and an experience we wanted to open up to the millions of other small business owners in the UK.

The platform

We had conversations with early-stage start-ups and entrepreneurs at Welsh ICE to find out what would want to get from a platform like the Startup Club. Lots of workshops and free breakfasts later, we had an MVP; a Reach web app, a Reach Native iOS app and an Android app.


We were inspired by our many hours of gaming to create Workshops, a learning experience where entrepreneurs can pick up information about specific topics quickly through an interactive game design.

The Startup Club allowed us to refine our app-building skills and to build our first mobile apps, something we can't wait to do again soon. Since launching the first version of Startup Club we've run beta tests and identified new elements too develop and add to the platform.

Like all start-ups Startup Club is a work in progress and we’re constantly thinking, refining and changing. Keep up with everything we're doing at Startup Club.