Tomos Watkin | Big Lemon

Tomos Watkin

Make traditional
ale cool again

website redesign | brand re-align | videography | photography

The brief

Tomos Watkin asked us to reposition their brand and bring it in line with other contemporary brewers, to help them launch their new craft ale into the market.

Until then Tomos Watkin had focussed on traditional ales, and they needed a new brand identity and website to reflect the changing face of the business to new customers.

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What we did

We took inspiration from their existing fun and loose craft ale artwork to create typography headlines, using bright colours to differentiate between the traditional and craft ales throughout the site.

Tomos Watkin’s long history and heritage was placed in pride of place across the site, to reflect their continued development of delicious traditional ales.

Iechyd da!


To complement Tomos Watkins’ popular brewery tours, we brought the experience online and made a short film to highlight the work and methods that go into the production of every beer.


We worked with a photographer to revamp the site’s images, making sure they were professional and consistent for use online and in marketing material.

After putting their new site live, Tomos Watkin saw a 65% increase in online orders. They successfully launched their line of craft ales, which can now be quaffed in pubs and bars across south Wales. Let’s raise a glass to them!
Connie Parry
CEO, Tomos Watkin