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A TownSq in every town square

Town Square are on a mission to help entrepreneurs start businesses. Whether already on that journey or still mulling over an idea, these guys can help get you started with events and support. The Wrexham Enterprise Hub is the first Town Square pin on the map for the Welsh ICE co-founders.

Launching the first Enterprise Hub in Wrexham meant that Town Square needed to reach a new local audience for the first time. Having a thriving brick and mortar location is great to capture organic footfall, but without a good online presence it’s hard to reach the right people.

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The digital Town Square

As with all startups, time is of short supply. So instead of the drawn out, back and forth process of building a website, we decided to get the Town Square team in and build the entire thing in a day. This meant starting with whiteboard wireframing and danish pastries, before a day of designing, building and testing.

The result was a bold and engaging website with the Town Square brand deeply rooted into the design. It was important to get across the right messaging around the challenges that Town Square are addressing, and the space and events they’re putting together to solve these challenges.

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A new way to engage enquirers

To help entrepreneurs as best as possible, a typical enquiry form wasn’t enough. Using some of the technology from the Boma app, we built an awesome registration process that asks the hard questions about ambition, operations and the vision. From this, the Town Square team can offer their 5 to 9 sessions, membership or other support available.

Behind all this is an automation workflow that can save up to an hour on every enquiry. Successful registrations go into a secure database and automatically populate the official paperwork that no one enjoys completing!

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I found working with Big Lemon to be a real joy, they are very professional but also got excited by the potential of the project, which turned them more into a crucial part of our project strategically than just a contractor.

On value for money, it is safe to say that there's no way we paid for all of the time we have had from Big Lemon - they've always gone far beyond what we expected.
Gareth Jones
Founder, Town Square