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Encouraging greener active travel

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Aligning with the Future Generations Act

There is a need for innovative approaches, and now more than ever we need to encourage greener active travel, and to align with the Future Generations Act which requires Wales to think sustainably, to think about the long term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities, and to address the demands of climate change.

Introducing Roam/Taith, a unique product built over the 12 week accelerator programme.

At the core of Roam sits an algorithm that cross-references the user’s location with the train station of choice and a database of C02 data from the engines on that specific line. By calculating the user’s location and the C02 impact of each journey we’re able to display the greenest route a user could take.

During the ticket purchasing process: An example of how a user could make a small change would be by displaying details of a later train, encouraging the user to walk or cycle to the station, as well as displaying the engines with less C02 output.

The algorithm will cross-reference the journey to the station via walking, using Google Maps API, to drive and reward the user based on the C02 saving. By making these green choices a user will collect points, which they can save up to exchange for various rewards.

Read the full case study on our blog

92.6% of passengers live under 5 miles of their local station, yet only 44.1% use carbon-neutral forms of transport to get to these stations, by supplying passengers with vital information about their personal C02 consumption we believe Roam will allow them to make better informed decisions on active and green travel.