About Big Lemon – app and web agency in South Wales

What are we
all about?

The Big Lemon staff

Our philosophy

Since 2014, we've built a studio where the chance to be creative, collaborative, and to challenge ourselves is the most important thing in the world.

There's nothing we love more than sinking our teeth into a new project, where we try to bring a sense of fun and innovation to everything we do. We help our clients to realise their ambitions with innovative techy solutions; whether that's with a mobile app, an internal web app, or a beautifully realised website.

We spend our days meeting new people, strategizing, and building new apps and websites that we believe in, and that exceed our client's expectations every time. Over the years we've grown and developed, but our clients have never stopped being at the heart of everything we do.

We spend time getting to know them and their problems before diving in and creating a solution that blows them away. We listen to what our clients care about and we seamlessly integrate with their current business processes to better understand how they work.

We've built our team around our clients needs and work collaboratively whenever we can with other creatives.

Design, development, and execution is what we're all about.

Co-founders Kieran and OwenGus wagging his tail

Who are we?

Like all good ideas, Big Lemon started in a pub.

We were consoling ourselves over a pint, fed up that we were stuck in boring jobs, and putting off projects to the evenings and weekends.

We wanted to be proud of our work, and do it with people who has the same fun and creative ideas as us. A few months later, Big Lemon was born.

Now we're a strong team of developers and creatives, plus two sweet labradors who rule the office.

Want to join our merry band?

Big Lemon at the Cardiff Regional AwardsOwen messing around with VR

The team

Owen Richards

Owen Richards

Co-founder & Chief Nerd

Kieran Abbott

Kieran Abbott

Co-founder & Designer

Catrin Orr

Catrin Orr

UI Designer

Jack Harding

Jack Harding

Frontend Developer


Sam Wheeler

Head of Operations

Gus and Rocket

Gus & Rocket

Morale & nap time coordinators