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In the beginning there was the M4 service station...

Six months before Big Lemon was really a thing, we would hang out at M4 service stations on leave from the day job, daydreaming about doing this every day. We’d hussle for meetings with anyone interested in working with us, because that’s an obvious thing to aim for. We didn’t know any different. More meetings = more cash = we get to do this full time. It always stuck with me: [Continue reading...]

Tech with Purpose: What do we mean when we say we are a Tech with Purpose company?

We got the opportunity to talk about Tech for Good with the folks at Business Live recently, what Tech for Good means to us and why we have decided to make it our focus and wider mission. Tech for Good is the intentional design, development and use of digital technologies to address social challenges, to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes. A collaboration betw [Continue reading...]

From Bumpy Beginnings to Smooth Sailing: My First Project at Big Lemon

At the time of writing I'm entering my fourth month at Big Lemon. Just one week past I reached a major milestone: handover of my first ever project with the team. It's a moment I'm super proud of; there's something special about seeing a product you've worked on get released into the wild. And although the end of a project is absolutely a time to celebrate, it's also a prime o [Continue reading...]

Meet the team: Lucy, Head of Growth

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Twitter, 100%. I’ve been lucky to find some great communities and meet some great people because of it. Describe your perfect day It’s got to have good coffee, a sunny walk with the dogs and friends, fossil-hunting on the beach, and an evening in Kongs playing arcade games. Tea or coffee? A black coffee, please. How do you unwind after a long d [Continue reading...]

Meet the team: Niall, a no ordinary Dev, he's a recovering philosopher

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? I’m not on Facebook or Instagram. I’m on Twitter, but I barely use it. Describe your perfect day Sunrise at the window with coffee. Deep work on something I find meaningful and challenging. A big, long lunch with my nearest and dearest (the washing up magically does itself.) A walk with friends. Chats and dinner over an open fire. A long, cool wa [Continue reading...]