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Meet the team: Mike the Dev Dude

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? @mike_rudge - Twitter Describe your perfect day I haven't done it yet, but i’m excited to show the kids Disney world! That’s (hopefully) going to be a good day. Tea or coffee? Tea How do you unwind after a long day? Like to casually game (Animal crossing got me at the moment). Love listening to podcasts iOS or Android? iOS What / who inspires yo [Continue reading...]

How developers are helping change student energy consumption

Climate change is rightly gathering an increasing focus in today’s news cycle. From eating less meat to cutting out plastic, people are looking to the things they can do to reduce their carbon impact. One demographic that has historically been less efficient at managing their impact, are students. The average student uses roughly £500 worth of energy and water a year, which is [Continue reading...]

Geeks who want to make the NHS less bad

Anyone can tell you that the digital infrastructure of the NHS is outdated, lacking creativity, and sometimes not even fit for purpose. Bods at the NHS know that this, combined with a slow and cumbersome procurement process, is stifling digital innovation within the organisation. Enter - the NHS Hackathon events! The NHS Hack events are designed to bring healthcare professional [Continue reading...]

5 years old and counting...

Having recently reached a grand age of 5 years old we have been reflecting on our Big Lemon journey. As the newbie on the block I asked the gang to share their thoughts. Favourite moments Owen - I had an image in my head that on my last day before going full time with Big Lemon I’d stop the car on top of Caerphilly mountain on the way home from work and sit for a bit to get som [Continue reading...]

Co-founder Kieran Abbott recognised as one of the 25 aspirational entrepreneurs in Wales Business Insider list.

Big Lemon Co-founder Kieran Abbott has been recognised as one of the 25 aspirational entrepreneurs under 40 making their mark on the business landscape in Wales. The Wales Business Insider Raising Starts list aims to promote the raising stars of Welsh business and highlights ambitious, entrepreneurial achievers from across Wales, all under 40 years of age. The list features en [Continue reading...]