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We won! Our Tech with Purpose mission is real.

What is Tech with Purpose all about? And what are we so excited about winning?! Big Lemon have been recognised as a top mission-led organisation to work in the Escape the City Top 100, awarding those who care about their people and the planet. The annual awards focus on judging 6 key areas; innovation, impact, mission, environmental concern, B Corp and most importantly, employe [Continue reading...]

Meet the team: Tom the Dev guy

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Not a big social media person but I am more likely to post on instagram @urbentom then anywhere else, especially if it’s food related 🤤 Describe your perfect day Wake up nice and early, go for a jog or pre-covid a swim, then probably spend some time on whatever personal projects I am working on at that time. Then fill the rest of the time cookin [Continue reading...]

Meet the team: Stef the UX guy

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Mostly active on Twitter and Instagram. Describe your perfect day The sun is out, we’re grabbing a big breakfast followed by 18 holes of golf. Watch Cardiff draw 0-0, then probably out for dinner and a beverage with some friends to finish up. Tea or coffee? Coffee How do you unwind after a long day? Love getting stuck into a TV series. Huge music [Continue reading...]

Meet the team: Sam the Jazz and Gel

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? @samantharose83 - big time Twitterer for work/passion projects mainly, with a few curveballs thrown in from to time. Facebook I use for personal stuffs. I love Instagram for saving things to look back on later for inspiration, but I’m not very good at taking stylised photos myself... Describe your perfect day Waking up to my little one nattering [Continue reading...]

Our journey with Transport for Wales so far...

There is a need for innovative approaches, and now more than ever we need to encourage greener active travel, and to align with the Future Generations Act which requires Wales to think sustainably, to think about the long term impact of their decisions, to work better with people, communities, and to address the demands of climate change. Introducing Roam/Taith, a unique produc [Continue reading...]