A small group of people with a bloody big mission.

We’re building digital products that leave the world in a better place. Learn why we’ve rebranded with tech with purpose driving everything we do.

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Big Lemon | Rebrand

Notice something a little different? Yep, that’s our new branding.

This post isn’t the usual ‘we’ve rebranded’ article, that’s not our style.

What we want to share with you is our mission - our north star that we’ve been busy expanding on over the last few months. This has involved concocting plans and aligning our values, digging deep, and listening to what the world needs.

Drum roll…

Our mission is:

To build digital products that leave the world in a better place.

We’ve always been passionate about creating tech that’s good for the soul. And, for us, this rebrand is more than a refresh.

What we do at Big Lemon is guided by trying to solve the planet’s challenges through creating tech with purpose.

It’s about value before profit. People before profit.

We're not aimlessly building things simply to pay the bills, we are striving to build digital products which can genuinely change people's lives. And the new identity is a reflection of that.

How are we going to achieve this?

Here’s a few ways we will get closer to achieving our mission.

Make tech transparent and for everyone.

We truly believe that you don’t need to ‘get tech’ to achieve big change. We won’t be hiding behind acronyms and jargon, we want to open our world to as many people as possible.

We are still the transparent and approachable Big Lemon bunch you know. We’ll also be incorporating and embedding approaches such as co-production to ensure nobody is left behind.

Tech with purpose is our driving strategy.

This new identity supports our vision, new partners, new projects and pending B Corp status.

There is always room to be better, to be big, to be bold and to learn.

But what if we could do lots of little things that make a big difference?

We are committed to continuing to partner with those who want to make a real impact on the planet, the environment and people. Those people with great ideas, those people with a voice, those people who need a voice. The caring, the daring.

We are doing this at a product level and by embedding social impact practices. Specifically, this involves:

Aligning ourselves with the Future Generations Act

Some of the ways we’re doing so:

  • Working with others to support the development of skills for the future
  • Give people equal opportunities to participate in decision-making to enable equal outcomes
  • Enable a low carbon society through reducing emissions and support community engagement.

Aligning ourselves with the UN's Sustainability Goals

Some of the ways we’re doing so:

  • Partnering with organisations that focus on quality education, good health and wellbeing, gender equality.

Aligning ourselves with the B Corp movement

We’re in the final stages of becoming a certified B Corp. By becoming certified, we will join a global community of businesses that balance purpose and profit.

But that’s just the beginning.

We’re a bunch of passionate and value-driven individuals who truly care about tech for good web development and the products we produce. And over the next few months we’ll detail our journey to change the world, one project at a time.

After all, we're a small group of people with a bloody big mission.