It's been a good few months coming, but we're delighted that our newly updated website is live with some nice additions. While this blog post might seem a little self-gratifying, that is not its intended purpose. We want to show you around our new digital abode and get your feedback. As part of this rebirth, we've completely revamped our home page, each of our work project pages and our services pages.

All are now more engaging and more accessible. We also wanted to create a video that sums up what we do, so, as part of our new marketing communication we decided to create one! We needed a style that fitted right in with the Big Lemon Creative brand identity: fun, creative, a little bit quirky. It’s surprisingly hard to explain everything we do in less than a minute, but I think we nailed it. Check out our video below!

Show me your awesome new video!

We're absolutely thrilled to let you know about our website v2.0 and would love to hear your feedback! Please share your good or bad reviews on Twitter.