Meet the team: Lucy, Head of Growth

As a child Lucy wanted to be an archeologist, more importantly though will she swerve or accept a bounty bar...

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Sam Wheeler

Director | Co-Owner | Admiral of Ops

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Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Twitter, 100%. I’ve been lucky to find some great communities and meet some great people because of it.

Describe your perfect day

It’s got to have good coffee, a sunny walk with the dogs and friends, fossil-hunting on the beach, and an evening in Kongs playing arcade games.

Tea or coffee?

A black coffee, please.

How do you unwind after a long day?

I’d be happy drinking a nice glass of red wine whilst watching Taskmaster.

iOS or Android?


What / who inspires you?

I’m a fan of FC St. Pauli because of its commitment to social responsibility. I’m not a sporty person per say, but I am inspired by its ability to take a stand and create inclusive spaces.

Ultimately, I’m drawn to people or organisations that stand up for others, who aren’t afraid to call things out and create real change, and want to leave the world in a better place.

Favourite film/book/podcast?

My favourite podcast is Everyone Hates Marketers, from Louis Grenier. He cuts through the fluff of marketing and interviews some great guests.

As for books, I’m torn between Winter in Sokcho by Elisa Shua Dusapin, because it reminds me of when I was travelling in South Korea and Japan, and Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin, because he’s so honest about growing his business.

My favourite film has to be Paris is Burning.

Morning or night?

I can’t quite believe I’m admitting this but… mornings.

What would your desert island disc be?

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert soundtrack.

Describe your dream meal

Shakshuka would do the trick.

If you could work anywhere, where would it be?

A nice co-working space in Berlin.

Curry or Chinese or something else?


What did you want to be when you were a child?

It changed between an archeologist and a journalist.

What's your favourite part of what you do for a job?

I love working on products that genuinely solve a problem, with founders/teams that are excited to rip up ‘the way it has always been done’ mentality and try new things.

The growth and marketing tech space is a really exciting place to develop your career. There are so many tools available, and learning from others in the US and Canadian tech communities is so valuable - especially when you can give back.

And finally… Bounty – swerve, or accept?

Swerve. There’s a reason why it’s the last to be eaten in a tin of Celebrations, right?!