Meet the team: Sam the Jazz and Gel

Formally introducing our not-so-newbie Sam!

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Owen Richards

Chief Product Nerd

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Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

@samantharose83 - big time Twitterer for work/passion projects mainly, with a few curveballs thrown in from to time. Facebook I use for personal stuffs. I love Instagram for saving things to look back on later for inspiration, but I’m not very good at taking stylised photos myself...

Describe your perfect day

Waking up to my little one nattering away to herself in her bed wakes me up with a smile, a great way to start the day. A sunny and warm day (not burning hot though as I am a pale ginger that burns with any hint of sun, and I bruise like a peach too!). A walk in the countryside or by the seaside - I walk for at least 5 miles most days. Coffeeshop coffee and some cake or an almond croissant, though I am always up for a choccie digestive. A big lazy brunch. Cuddles, games and giggles with my famalam. More walking and exploring. Some home cooking, sipping some wine, a G&T or a beer. The radio would be on with some good tunes through the day. Ideally I would be awake enough in the evening to do some gardening, sewing, or read. Then an early night.

Tea or coffee?

When I wake up first thing I have a mug of fresh lemon water and a glass of water to flush out the toxins and kick my body into gear. Then always a breakfast tea, usually Clipper (posh!), often two cups, I like bucket-sized tea, strong, milky and a teeny tiny bit of sugar. I love a proper ‘coffee shop’ style coffee mid-morning, I get mega hyper on caffeine so can’t handle too much of it. If I am working from home I get my grinder out and my drip coffee gear, it’s actually really therapeutic and rewarding to do it myself. Then sometimes I will have a cup of tea in the afternoon. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, maybe 10 glasses, to keep me hydrated.

How do you unwind after a long day?

I am not good at unwinding, or relaxing in a traditional sense, I like being on the go and busy. Once my little one is in bed I guess then I can 'unwind'. I have a tidy up, make some veggie based dinner, catch up on a bit of life admin while doing the cooking. I might sit for a bit and watch a programme on TV while I eat my dinner, but not for long as I don’t like sitting still (I work standing up all day), so will usually jump back up and do some podcast editing, listen to Jo Whiley on the radio and have a dance about, do some gardening maybe. Before getting into bed I do a bit of pilates, face yoga or some such. I love reading, usually catching up on Courier Magazine, Offscreen Publication, Positive News, but often I don’t last very long before I fall asleep.

iOS or Android?


What / who inspires you?

Working mums. People who do what they love with passion.

Favourite film/book/podcast?

Films: Movies now are often ones that my little one watches. I have a movie watch list that is mega long...

Podcasts: I am part of the wonder team that produces the Edtech Podcast so that is top of list obviously!

Book: I love reading publications more than books at the moment. Cookbooks fill a lot of my shelves. My 'hand me down book' over the years is ‘Night Circus’ by Eric Morgenstern, so magical. I often read work-related or life related books, they fill me ideas and encouragement.

Morning or night?

Pre babe days mornings - I would get myself out early for a hike, do some pilates, and make some lush breakfast to eat in the garden. Mornings are now a big blurry dash-around-the-house mash-up. Post babe days mornings/evenings - I get up even earlier to get a head start on the day pre crazy. I love the 'and breathe' moments in the evenings, well at least what’s left of it before I fall asleep, usually before 10pm. Rock and Rock baby!

What would your desert island disc be?

Too hard to choose one artist/song. My Spotify is so varied. I have a soft spot for Bruce Springsteen. I also really love listening to the radio, the good nattering, stories, variety of music; favs include Jo Whiley, Lauren Laverne, Sara Cox, Guy Garvey.

What’s been your proudest Big Lemon moment so far?

Not proud exactly, more like happy to have found a bunch of people that I feel comfortable being myself around, that are kind, caring and wacky like me!

Describe your dream meal

Some awesomely yummy sourdough bread with butter. I love Angel Bakery in Abergavenny. I also really love fruit and veggies. There are nights I have veggies cooked in all sorts of ways with a fried egg on top. Random. Fish and Chip, with mushy peas and curry sauce. Salt and Vinegar. A dollop of tomato ketchup on the side. I have an addiction to a good pie, pastry all around of course. With a fried egg on top. Having lived in London for 10 years I was spoilt by so much yummy good - I miss the variety.

If you could work anywhere, where would it be?

Location wise - I have always wanted to experience living and working in Australia, New Zealand, and Scandanavia. But I very much feel that Wales is home and love my work/life balance. One day I would like to try living in other parts of Wales. There are lots of ideas/projects bubbling that I would like to be involved in, bring to life, work with people on. Lots of them are big missions, but heck you’ve got to start somewhere right, everyone has the power to influence change. Most come under the Big Lemon ‘Tech with Purpose’ mission, one day they will be achieved in collaboration. Other ideas/projects are closer to home, like living more sustainably, showing young people the many possibilities and paths in life.

Curry or Chinese or something else?

Curry. I love curry. It’s a bit boring but I usually get the same wherever I go: chicken tikka masala, peshwari naan, saag paneer, mushroom rice, brinjal bajee, popadoms. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

An actress and a director, corny but true. I still have that bug in me. Lately when I have been watching (in passing of course haahaa) ‘Do You Know?’ with Maddy on CBeebies with my little one I think about how much I would love the opportunity to do what she does!

What's your favourite part of what you do for a job?

Bringing people's ideas, visions, passions to life, connecting people, making a difference in some way, however small.

And finally… Bounty – swerve, or accept?

As in the Bounty chocolate bar? Accept.