Meet the team: Tom the Dev guy

Here is Tom, a clicky clacky enthusiast...

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Sam Wheeler

Director | Co-Owner | Admiral of Ops

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Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Not a big social media person but I am more likely to post on instagram @urbentom then anywhere else, especially if it’s food related 🤤

Describe your perfect day

Wake up nice and early, go for a jog or pre-covid a swim, then probably spend some time on whatever personal projects I am working on at that time. Then fill the rest of the time cooking and playing games, nice and chill really!

Tea or coffee?

Mainly fueled by Tea, anything from Matcha to floral like chrysanthemum and a dash of fruity like Peach Sencha. Let's just say I have a small collection of teas 🙄 . Coffee is normally reserved for days that need a caffeine boost or with deserts.

How do you unwind after a long day?

What’s unwinding? It normally depends on what random hobby I am obsessed with at the time! At the moment it’s building my new keyboard which takes longer than people think, especially when you have to wait ~6 month for the parts to arrive :( If not I normally relax playing games or ignoring the fact that I have boxes of Warhammer miniatures to paint!

iOS or Android?


What / who inspires you?

Generally anyone who is really passionate about a subject. Talking to those sorts of people is always really interesting and you are bound to learn something new! :D

Favourite film/book/podcast?

A great podcast I would follow is Culture Binge by Wisecrack, they take a few topics that are currently culturally relevant and discuss it in an overall light hearted manner which is great! If you just want some tech nerds talking for an hour straight I would go Wan Show, great background listening.

Film wise it’s kinda hard, really depends on my mood, some of my favourites are The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Not a massive book reader, but I recently enjoyed Illidan by William Hill, it really explores the character of Illidan from the game World of Warcraft and that he is not just evil guy number 3.

Morning or night?


What would your desert island disc be?

I would never be able to pick one song…If I had to pick one artist it would probably be Madeon. Been following his music since Pop Culture!

Describe your dream meal

If I can have people with me for my last meal it would probably be Raclette, a meal that revolves around melted cheese on potato and charcuterie...not a meal for those with cholesterol problems. If I had to eat my last meal alone...Korean BBQ, that way I can just eat everything myself and the food keeps coming!

If you could work anywhere, where would it be?

Ooooooh location wise I wouldn’t say no to Malaysia / Singapore, getting to eat the food there everyday would be the dream! Only thing I would miss is the cheese!

Curry or Chinese or something else?

Why not both?

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I don’t really remember, probably an actor as I loved acting when I was younger, but I think younger me just wanted to enjoy himself more than anything else.

What's your favourite part of what you do for a job?

Problem solving! Give me some complex technical problem with loads of moving parts and I love just sitting down and working out how to best solve it.

And finally… Bounty – swerve, or accept?

Why would I reject free chocolate, Bounty’s may not be top tier but they are up there! :)