Next.js CONF: Next.js is our developer language

We are proud of the journey we have gone on to get to the tech stack we have today. We take a stroll through our standout moments of the Next Conference 2023 - exciting times ahead?

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Owen Richards

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Our technology stack (the systems and coding languages we use) have been through many iterations since the start of Big Lemon nine years ago.

Throughout this time our team of curious developers have pioneered new technologies and been on the cutting edge of what is possible in web and mobile development.

We have been a JavaScript-first development team since 2017, and a TypeScript-first since 2020. We chose these languages as we believe they allow us to create the best experience for users while maintaining integrity and security on the backend.

We use Next.js as the core framework for web-based projects.

So what did we take from the latest Next Conference 2023?

Let’s jump straight into the headline features announced at the conference. After the announcement of the app directory at Next.js Conf 2022, expectations were high, so it was only right to start with a tone-setter…

Sarah and I share our thoughts over in the Big Lemon Developer Blog space here.

Happy reading.