Our very own in-house product is live: Zest for Webflow

A powerful tool for both designers and developers

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Sam Wheeler

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zest for webflow

We are super excited to announce that we have created our own in-house product, it is live and ready to use.

So what is it?

A new browser extension that seamlessly integrates a Global CSS panel into Webflow projects.

What's that all about then?

Our new product, Zest for Webflow, enables users to write CSS in real-time directly within projects, eliminating the need for embed elements and writing CSS inside project <heads>.

It also allows for more advanced and !important CSS to be used which is not currently available in Webflow’s style panel.

As well as enabling additional features, Zest has been designed to save the user time through recognising and autocompleting CSS classes, tags and colours, automatically cleaning up messy code and removing the need for revisiting site settings to make global changes.

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What inspired us to create this? Why is it important?

Zest for Webflow has been inspired and built on the back of our experiences as designers and developers working in Webflow. We were finding there are lots of scenarios where you’d want to write advanced CSS but either the functionality didn’t exist in Webflow’s native tools or it was a cumbersome process to complete.

For us, there was an obvious need for a new tool which could give us increased functionality and streamline our workflow. It didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves.

That combination of designers working with developers behind the creation of Zest has enabled us to build something that serves both, making it a smart tool for developers and a powerful design aid for creatives.

How has it been made?

Our Owen shares the ins and outs over on Twitter aka X. If you are interested in hearing about the code stack, the low-code aspects, the extensions, the components, templates, intergrations...it is well worth having a read.

Want to try it out?

Zest for Webflow is now available through the Chrome web store with a monthly subscription from getzest.io