Regardless of how thorough or clean code is, there are always bugs at some point post-launch. Software is buggy, there’s no denying that. It’s why large corporations like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and any other large tech firms employ hordes of developers - not only to ensure the continued development of their platforms, but also to iron out bugs on current versions.

We build complex tech, and because of it’s nature, we can’t guarantee that code will remain stable with no alterations, forever. Put simply there are too many factors to consider to make products 100% bug-free.

Sometimes it can be human error, something as trivial as a free text box failing because someone’s written an essay instead of the intended 200 characters. Sometimes it can be completely out of anyone’s control like an update in a browser causing a web app to crash.

That’s not to say we launch products without testing; if we did we’d always be fixing things in a flurry to avoid a catastrophic failure.


In fact, we have rigorous testing methods pre-launch, and even systems to systematically check and report on weak points post-launch, but despite these efforts, there’s always something that requires human intervention.

That’s why we offer a range of peace of mind packages.

Our integrated, proactive support package comes included on every new project for 30 days at no extra cost. Within that time we’ll iron out all the post-launch bugs and teething issues. Beyond the 30 days, there’s the option to stick with the proactive package or switch to a reactive or ad-hoc package. Each of these packages is billed monthly and can be upgraded, downgraded or canceled at any point. They’re not a contract to be tied into, only the best route for your new product, giving you the peace of mind it will remain bug-free for you and your users.

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