A Step in the Right Direction

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Owen Richards

Chief Product Nerd

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So, the website is live.. Progress feels fantastic! It's really nice to finally be able to tell people "Yeah, go check out our website!" high five For the last few months we've poured every inch into our logo and its 100+ iterations and frantically working towards the website's launch, and we can gladly say we're now there. You'll also notice by now that we have a blog (especially as you're reading it!!) We're going to be releasing regular posts from loads of different people in the industry and we're hoping to get some of the industry experts to chip in, as well as some clients. Stay tuned for more of this. While we haven't launched a newsletter just yet, you might like to be kept in the loop this way (I mean, who wouldn't?), so by all means sign up on the right of this page in preparation. So without further ado, welcome to Big Lemon Creative.