Simple Contact Forms: Our First WordPress Plugin

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Our first plugin is massively overdue, but we're excited to let you know that it's finally here. Simple Contact Forms is an extremely easy to use WordPress plugin that lets users build contact forms on their site and start receiving enquiries. You can find the Simple Contact Forms plugin on its WordPress plugin page and on GitHub, but first a little about the plugin...  

Introducing Simple Contact Forms

By using a simple function, shortcode or widget, site managers are able to show their contact form to users and collect responses in the WordPress admin area and via email.

FYI - WordPress is the CMS we use to build most of our client sites. Plugins are add-on modules that you use with WordPress to give it more flexibility.

We created Simple Contact Forms to give some value back to the WordPress users and to a community that’s already given us so much. There are some amazing plugins out there, so we’re always looking to share what we build. This plugin was something we already had to make for a few client sites (and had to modify for each one), so it definitely made sense to build something re-usable and customisable.

The most used case for Simple Contact Forms would be an enquiry form on your contact page, however a built-in (in the plugin) form builder means that the form fields can be customised to any use. The plugin also offers customisation on form titles, button collapsing, email subject lines, form/button styling options, security validation (to stop that damned bot spam), success messages, and more.  

Future Plugins

As WordPress developers, we feel it a natural fit for us to contribute to the community by creating plugins, so this will be something we continuously do over the next few months. There are plenty of ideas flying around right now! We've also launched a small ACF Page Builder plugin based on Advanced Custom Fields which lets you easily create page layouts on top of the popular custom field plugin. Blog post up on that soon.

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