Welsh ICE: Our New Home

We’re absolutely made up with our new pad at Welsh ICE in Caerphilly. It’s great.

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Owen Richards

Chief Product Nerd

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Welsh ICE

Welsh ICE is the first Innovation Centre for Enterprise in Wales - a startup community with private and co-working spaces to help businesses in South Wales grow. We're still unpacking our kit, but it already feels like home.  

A Little Background on Welsh Ice

Any small businesses in South Wales should really be involved with Welsh ICE - it’s way more than just office space. Their vision says it all really: 'To be a thriving, sustainable centre full of extraordinary enterprising, fun loving and mutually supportive people, each dedicated to causes that create positive social and economic impacts in their respective fields.'

The support we’ve received as a young company has been amazing so far - from just being able to talk about our ideas to actually having people around us to take inspiration from. Having somewhere we can bring Gus is also pretty amazing! ICE have recently started #CDFTOLDN Trade Missions, with the aim of breaking the barriers between startups in London and South Wales. They’ve also recently launched an accelerator programme for startups, which offer tons of support to get your idea up and running. There’s more info about all this on their blog.

Gareth and the team here are doing amazing things for Welsh entrepreneurship. It’s safe to say that we will definitely see a huge difference.  

Get Involved

Looking for a space to get your head down and build your business, or just craving being around other entrepreneurs busting a gut to grow their business? It sounds like you need to check this place out. Give us a tweet and we’d be happy to show you the place and introduce you to the team.