Taking a deep dive into Superchoir's processes and creating innovative solutions


Let's Set The Scene

Super Choir was founded by Emily and Chloe, both singers and musicians, to bring people together through singing.

The business has two sides - working with businesses to set up corporate choirs which help to improve workplace wellbeing, productivity and happiness - and also supporting new choirs in communities all over south Wales.

The community choirs are open to anyone over 18 with no auditions, so that people can come together to make new friends, boost their confidence and generally feel better through communal singing. They also offer incredible performance opportunities and experiences - like a recent collaboration with Fatboy Slim in Cardiff.

The choirs are all about giving people an unforgettable experience, singing high-energy, chart-topping music that everyone wants to sing.

There are currently four community choirs, and Super Choir’s short term goal is to increase the numbers of those choirs across the region.

The Challenge

Super Choir has expanded organically, with systems and processes developed along the way. As a result, much of the behind the scenes organisation has historically been very hands-on across a number of separate platforms.

The founders needed to streamline all of this into one system, with as much automation as possible - the most important thing for them is to be able to focus on running the business.

Emily and Chloe want to expand the business but have been too tied down with admin.

We have built an integrated online system that removes much of those manual processes, handling bookings, recruitment and managing sign-ups and enquiries. It gives them one central hub for accessing the information they need to run the choirs - which can also be accessed by a wider group of facilitators, further freeing up the founders’ capacity.

The Tech bit

So much went into the build for this, we actually wrote a whole article about it. You can find that on our developer blog.

The Outcome

The strategic goal behind the project was to free up the founders to focus on the higher value work of running and growing the business. Greater capacity will enable them to work towards their short term goal of increasing the number of Super Choirs and, through that, the number of people they help each week.

Greater automation of processes has removed the need for much of the repeated administrative tasks previously needed to run the choirs and gives easy access to management information to inform business decisions.

In addition, the new online system has created a smoother interface for choristors and those wishing to join.

Ultimately the founders’ goal is to franchise the community Super Choirs model. The development of a single, unified bookings, data and management tool is a big step towards this goal, creating a marketable ‘product’ to be offered to potential franchisees.

Why Big Lemon?

“The Big Lemon team are lovely, friendly, down to earth people! And as a community-focussed organisation, it was great to feel like we were working with a business which shared our values.”

“From the start they were keen to learn all about our business and work out the best ways that they could help us. We discussed the hurdles we were facing and had a very open and transparent conversation about how we might overcome them.”

“We kicked things off with a great Discovery where they interrogated all of the elements of the business and how any online system could feed into all areas of the organisation. They helped us look for the most cost-effective options - important for us as a small business focused on growth - and have helped us to prioritise making the most effective use of our investment in new technology.”

“We’re obviously not in the tech world, but they made everything that we discussed very understandable, avoiding any jargon - throughout the whole process, we’ve never had an ‘I don’t understand’ moment!”

Emily & Chloe, Co-founders, Super Choir

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