What we do

We create tech for

We create tech for people with a voice, people who need a voice, the caring, the daring, the disruptors, the rulebreakers.

Rewriting the rules on how the world builds tech, one project at a time.

We work with you to build products that stick, so your end-users benefit.

We work with our clients to co-create digital app and web development projects that people love using, developed with inclusion in mind.

It might seem obvious, but the way to ensure your product is used and creates impact is to get your audience in on the action.

Our work in the wild


Raising the Standards in Social Care

A simple to use web app that allows care workers to spend more time with kids.

Children smiling

Amber Energy

Powering the Climate Cause

Empowering university students to change their habits and save energy.

Wind turbine in the breacon forest

Co-Production Collective

A new brand identity and website for the co-production movement

Fueling the international co-production movement with a new identity, accessible website and community area.

Group of people around the table

Agile Kinetic

Developing the next generation of healthtech apps

Creating a health tech app that’s just like a physiotherapist in your pocket.

Person using a mobile phone

Town Square

Internal and external booking systems, apps, CTO input and much more

Multiple differing tech platforms to support a fast-growing co-working company.


Digital products supporting school-leavers to find their vocation.

Digital products to nudge school leavers towards higher- skilled future-focussed careers.

Trust the Experts

Educating school pupils on how expert knowledge can influence crucial decision-making processes.

A bespoke web-based platform that hands you the decisions that impact millions of people

Exhibit C

The world’s first carbon data tracking app.

Building the app that helps community organisations to record their carbon savings and reward them

Our Approach

We are solutions focused.

And by that, we mean we don't just build a product and leave.

We’re a collaborative group that will bring your project to life through co-design and a sense of fun.

Think of us as partners and your in-house team who are invested in helping you to not only build your project, but to launch it and drive positive impact.

Our Awesome Partners

“Big Lemon have been the perfect partners for us. They understand the challenges of building a tech startup and are always happy to talk through ways to build MVPs and test ideas quickly. We are like one big team working toward the same goal.”

Peter Bishop, Agile Kinetic