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Plugging a time-suck

If you think you're in spreadsheet hell, you haven’t met the team at Caer Health. A small team with multiple locations, on-site and off-site appointments and numerous clients, CEO Neil and his seven-strong team were using a complex collection of spreadsheets to book and track appointments. We all know that Excel isn’t the best organizational tool, and Caer Health were struggling. The spreadsheets were starting to get overwhelming.

They were difficult to use, and multiple users meant changes were getting overwritten and bookings missed. Not only was this a time suck for the team, it impacted their invoicing and meant they were correcting mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

We chatted with the team to understand what they needed, and came up with a simple front end solution that did all of the work behind the scenes.

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Intuitive and real-time

While their current solution was stored on their own servers, their new booking app needed to be in the cloud-based to allow for multiple users and real-time changes.

The ability to make changes concurrently was essential for the small team, who were based outside the office.

Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of Caer Health’s work, we also needed take into account data security.

Training and staff buy-in

Changing the way a team works can go one of two ways; it can either be embraced immediately and easily, or it can be a struggle to change old habits.

Thankfully, the team at Caer Health immediately took to the new system. We offer in-house training workshops as part of every project but these weren’t necessary, a testament to the app's intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The team at Caer Health have embraced their new booking system; after using it for just a month they’ve made over 500 staff bookings.

One highlight for us was seeing the app at work and watching as every user just understood how to use it. Designing an app that completely changes the way a company operates for the better is a real buzz and we’re happy that the transition was seamless.