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Co-Production Collective

Co-Producing change Together

ui & ux design | app development | web development

We were over the moon to be chosen to work in partnership to entirely co-create the name/logo/brand and an accessible website for the Co-Production Collective.

What are we setting out to achieve - develop the website and other communications tools to strengthen visibility, influence, and transparency of structures and processes. Target funding bodies to improve their funding and recognition of co-production.

Co-production is an approach to working together in equal partnership and for equal benefit, where everyone’s involved in health research, innovation and practice, to produce or create something. Living by the Collective’s core values - challenging, human, inclusive, transparent - and making it central to everything they do.

The Collective's vision is a world where diverse knowledge and experience is recognised and valued in the co-production of research, where everyone is welcome, and together, learning, connecting and championing co-production to create lasting change.

The Collective community includes researchers, patients, carers, practitioners, students and anyone else who is interested in co-production, working with individuals and organisations including universities, charities, funders, NHS bodies, local authorities, housing associations and grassroots groups.

Over 300 people attended the official Co-Production Collective Launch Event on 22 October 2020. We’re excited to be part of a wider national and international co-production movement.

We are continuing co-create a resource bank and an online community area, all the time ensuring accessibility and that the collective can easily and successfully take on the on-going management of the website.